Know Your Worth...

It’s funny when you are a blogger sometimes you don’t know what to write, then life throws something your way. That something my not even be related to your life, but it inspires you. So here we go with this week’s blog.

This past Monday I was sitting outside in my car waiting for my sister to come out of an office building, she was handling some business in. I heard some loud angry talking. When I looked up there was a couple walking and they stopped right in front of my car and he proceeded to tell the woman he was with “Just sign the papers you stupid bitch”. They continued walking pass my car, him cursing her out the whole time. This man was so loud that the person I was on the phone with said who is that, they could hear him as if he was in the care with me. Mind you I never heard her voice, so if she was talking to him, she was talking in a tone that wouldn’t set him off further. I can only imagine what he would do to her if he got even more irritated or what he did to her once they got in the car. Not to mention when they got home.

That whole situation made me sad. How broken could this woman be to allow this man to speak to her that way. He didn’t care that they were in a public place. Not that talking to her that way in private is better. It doesn’t matter where he was the level of disrespect that man had for her was upsetting. My sister told me he was cussing her out in building. He didn’t give a damn who saw or heard him. Which means this isn’t new behavior he has been talking to her this way for a long time and she has accepted it. What other behavior is she accepting from him?

I’ve never been in a verbal or physical abusive relationship. I don’t know the psychological affects that it must make a woman accept this behavior or make her believe she can’t escape it. Better yet lets her think she doesn’t deserve better. Is it that she has been broken down so that anything better seems like a fantasy or he has told her that she can’t do better? Maybe she is a product of her upbringing. This is all she knows. Which saddens me further.

I wish women knew how much they are worth. I wish they knew that not having a man is not the worst thing on the planet. Having your dignity and your self-worth stripped from you is high price to pay just to say that you have a man. Ladies you all are priceless and nothing in this world is worth compromising who you are or what God put you here to be. He didn’t put you here to be a punching bag or someone’s door mat. To be spit on verbally or physically and mentally knocked down. You have got to know you’re worth so much more despite what you’ve been told.

I pray that if you are reading this and find yourself in this type of situation that you find the strength to remove yourself from it. The worst thing I have ever heard regarding a relationship comes from a song by Betty Wright called “No Pain No Gain”. There is a line in that song that says, “Having a piece of man is better than have no man at all”. Having a man that physically and mentally abuses you is having a piece of man, because that man is not whole. That man is lacking something in his spirit and because he is broken, he must break you down. So please keep that in mind. Don’t keep it mind thinking you can change this person and stay. Keep that in mind to find the strength to leave so you can rebuild yourself.

I’m going to end this blog and until next time…………….

Wishing You All Things Fabulous

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