It’ that time… The 1st day of the New Year and everyone is joining the gym, big chopping their hair, going vegan and whatever else people do at the beginning of the year. For the next month you will be reading and no doubt hearing about almost everyone’s plan, whether you want to or not. Will I be yelling from the mountain tops my plans for 2019? HELL NO! I will not. I will not be making big announcements on the changes I want to make in my life.

The reason for that is simple. I don’t want everyone’s opinion on the changes I’m making or how I should make them. The changes I am making in my life are for me and don’t need to be validated by anyone else. The changes you make should be for YOU and should reflect what direction you want “Your” life to go in. They shouldn’t be based on someone else’s opinion. No one is going to understand your road map in life because they are not walking in your shoes. Stop including everyone.

I’m not telling you not share, I’m saying be selective. If you need to share keep it within your trusted circle of people, you know who they are. I’m also begging you to stop posting your plans on social media. Everyone doesn’t need to know. Telling everyone opens you up for people to start planting seeds of doubt that can halt your plans completely. Why open yourself up to the naysayers when you already have your own reservations?

With that said…. Let your actions speak louder than your words. Happy New Year…

PS. If you don’t know who the “Naysayers” are check your friends list.

Wishing You All Things Fabulous!!!

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