Pretty Plus Girlfriend Of The Week

Pretty Plus Honest

Name: Talitha "Cumi" (pronounced coomay) Burris

Current Residence: Cedar Hill, Texas

What does style mean to you: Style means a certain trait or article of clothing or way that a person does things.

Where do you find your confidence: I find my confidence in GOD, believing I am his child and by telling myself everyday that I am good enough!!!

Why did you choose these outfits: The Black and White Jumper is my favorite outfit and I think it best describes my personality... The All White I chose because I love winter white altho' I don't wear white often and I love swoop neck anythings... I chose the red print babydoll dress with leggins because with my black toes and nails and my big hair I thought I was hot!! The last photo it is the most up to date photo shoot I had with my husbands jewelry line (check his beautiful peices at I love the shirt and pleather skirt and I was feeling my hair do!!

Why did you choose "Honest" as the word that describes you: I chose that word because that's how I live my life. I am honest with myself and try to be honest with those around me as much as possible without hurting their feelings. I believe that when your honest about yourself and who you will be so much easier and have so much more purpose because you will follow the path best suited for who you really are at the core.

What is your favorite quote and why: "Stop complaining about the things you permit"..... In any situation there is always room for change and growth and I can't stand people who are always blaming someone or complaining about situations yet are doing nothing to better them, fix them or change them, so in my opinion they are permitting them.

Did you know Talitha is the creator of the non-profit organization F.A.T. By Design (Fashion. Art. Transformation)? F.A.T. By Design's mission is to help cultivate the lives of diverse women, by using the arts, fashion and life enrichment events to transform them into the women they were meant to be!

To learn more about his fabulous organization and their up comming events. check out their website at You can also check them out on their facebook page Fat By Design.

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