Pretty Plus Girlfriend Of The Week

Pretty Plus Loving

Name: Nikkah

Currently Resides: Dallas, Texas

What does style mean to you: Style to me is a form comfortability; being able to stand alone as an individual from others. Expressing who I am and making a statement. I was always told I was weird and very different and I profess that through my style. My style is my attitude.

Where do you find your confidence: My confidence comes from within self and standing with faith in God. I haven't always had confidence, I had to find it through prayer first and looking deep within. Though now that I have instilled this confidence within me, it is very high and I feel like nothing nor no one can take that from me. I am a strong, phenomenal, gorgeous & courageous creation of God; and I am beautifully me.

Why did you choose these outfit: I chose these outfits based on how I wanted to imitate my attitude. Secretly personalizing the many faces of who I am and can be; yet mostly because I love to express myself through my clothing.

Why did you choose "Loving" as the word that describes you: I chose loving to describe me because that is who I am. I love all & love hard. I will give before I will receive. I am a person who will take on any challenge of hurt, pain & agony and will still love in the end no matter what. I try to share more than my mind but my heart & soul as well through anything. Just like respect.... One must give love to receive love.

What is your favorite quote and why: I honestly have a few but the one that stands out is.... "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." This one of many of my favorite quotes by Maya Angelou. And its my favorite because it speaks truth. I have been through much in my life that has brought so much pain, hurt & agony but I've always kept it bottled in and try to cover it all up. Until I broke down and couldn't bare anymore. I prayed for hours, days upon days and finally spoke out to someone I knew who cared & would never judge me.. Though there are still times I keep things bottled up, I've learned to sit my pride aside and talk to someone when i need to. Every battle is mine, I have to pick & choose..

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