Pretty Plus Girlfriend Of The Week

Pretty Plus Charming

Name: Carrie Currently Resides: Dallas, Texas What does style mean to you: Style, to me, is being able to express who I am through fashion. I'm not too up to date with fashion but I do like to be cute and comfortable. Where do you find your confidence: I find my confidence from within myself. I've always been confident in myself as well as my body. I feel like I'm beautiful and no one can tell me different. Why did you choose these outfit: Because it they are pretty and complimented my body. 😏😊 Why did you choose "Charming" as the word that describes you: I chose charming because I am a charmer. I am a person who knows how to enjoy her surroundings. What is your favorite quote and why: "The quieter you become the more you are able to hear." To me this means if you listen and pay attention and get an understanding, instead of blurting out whatever may come out of your mouth, the more you'll understand and learn.

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