A Fat Girl Speaks...Living In A Skinny World

(I wrote this blog maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy)

Remember the song by Madonna “Material World”? Someone should write a song “Living In Skinny World”. It should go something like this “I am living in a Skinny World. No one in the magazines or on TV looks like me. Living In A Skinny World… I can’t find any clothes in the Galleria that fit me. Living In A Skinny World. I must be lonely because no man wants me.” I think you get the picture or maybe you would if you live in my body. The body of a 36 year old overweight woman, a Fat Girl…

The world’s perception of Fat Girls is so twisted that they have us trying to find our place to fit in, literally. Think about magazine covers, Vogue, Essence, Seventeen, Allure, Cosmo, even Weight Watchers. Who do you see on the cover definitely not a Big Girl...? What about department stores? Victoria Secret has been making lingerie commercials for years. Commercials that could be rated R for the lack of clothing. A few years ago Lane Bryant made a commercial for their lingerie line Cacique, however television networks such as CBS, NBC and ABC would not run the commercial stating it was too racy. This commercial was .37 sec long and very tasteful, showing a beautiful Plus Size woman getting ready to meet her man for lunch. There was absolutely nothing inappropriate about the commercial (if you would like to view the commercial search Lane Bryant on YouTube). It was just the networks way of saying a Curvy Girl could never be sexy enough to show in lingerie on national television.

Public places are another area where Living in a Skinny World comes in to play, as well. If you’ve ever been to the American Airlines Center then I know you want to scream “Who did you have in mind when you made these tiny seats? The answer: no one with hips and booty. Those seats are an insult to everyone. I‘ve been to the AAC on several occasions and dread sitting in these seats made for a skeleton. You literally have to squeeze parts together that you didn’t know could be squeezed. Shame on you AAC for assuming the overweight people stay home and would not dare be seen in public at concert our a basketball game.

How can I forget the “I Can’t Believe It Looks” you get from Skinny Women when you are with an attractive man? The look that says surely she is not with him; maybe he’s just her friend. I think that is the most irritating perception of all. For those in society that live in and has help set this perception let me clear something up. Just like there are men out there that love them a Skinny Chick, there are just as many out there that recognize a Curvy Girl for the Sexy woman she is. So don’t be surprised when you see us with good looking men, please don’t stare with your mouth open. It’s not attractive.

I could go on and on with the way people have made overweight people feel second best, this blog would never end. I have one more thing I need to debunk, the word “FAT”. I know I have irritated some people with the use of that word in this blog. The reason for my continued use is because to an overweight person the word “FAT” is like a cuss word. This word gained power with some little snot nose kid in elementary teasing a pudgy kid on the playground. It’s just a word just like any other. If you embrace this word you’re also embracing who you are. You’re also taking away the power it has over you.

Curvy Ladies it’s time we start standing up for ourselves and debunking these bogus miss conceptions society has placed on us. We can do this by showing the world we are beautiful in every way. I just want to end with one final thought. The average woman is a size 12; this is the size that all plus size stores begin. With that being said the image that is pro-trade on television and magazines are unrealistic. Be proud of who you are no matter what size. Don’t let the world dictate what you should look like or make you feel ashamed of what you look like. Put on your cute outfit and sexy shoes, hold your head up, walk tall and claim your place in this world. BGP ***Big Girl Power***

Share your thought s with me and let know how Living In A Skinny World has affected you and what you’ve done to make your mark.

Until Next Time... Wishing You All Things Faboulous!!!

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