Pretty Plus Girlfriend Of The Week

Pretty Plus Sassy

Name: Tessa Washington

Current Residence: Dallas, Tx ( South Dallas,Tx)

What does style mean to you: Looking good but also being comfortable.

Where do you find your confidence: In my attitude..and In my style.

Why did you choose this outfit: All three, I like the colors against my skin and the comfortable fabrics on my skin.

​​Why did you choose "Sassy" as the word that describes you: Well I have my own sense of style and I tend to spice my look up from time to time, either with my outfit or a combination of hair and my outfit.

What is your favorite quote and why: "To know me is to Love me". Well because everyone who knows me very well ends up loving me for me, no matter what. I tend to be that go to person who looks over your failures and mistakes, I always try to find a positive word to enlighten the situation along with a funny face, joke or phrase.

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