Pretty Plus Uniquely You

The most wonderful thing about people is that we come in all shades, shapes and sizes. No two people are alike, not even twins. Even they have something that sets them apart. Our differences is what makes us unique. Our differences is what makes this world an interesting place to live in. So why do we so often want to be or be like someone else?

It's funny how often I hear someone say "I wish my hair was curly like hers" or "I wish I had muscles like him". The truth is you will never be like anyone else but you. Your hair will never have the same exact curls as that other girl that you envy so much. Guys your muscles will not look like the guy at them gym that is bench pressing 350. Sorry but it’s just not going to happen and no amount of surgery will make it happen.

How many of you look at the television show "Botched" (I believe it comes on E)? These people are so not comfortable with themselves that they have spent thousands and thousands of dollars having numerous plastic surgeries. They think they can Frankenstein their way to a new and improved person. At the end of all the unnecessary surgeries they look like a science project. They look like if they fall they will shatter into a million pieces. Funny thing is now they are on Botched trying to get surgery to fix what they spent all their money on to change. Go Figure….

It's scary to think how so dissatisfied we are with ourselves that we are willing to risk our lives to change it. . No one is perfect, not on person on this planet. Its okay to think something is nice about a person. However you need to draw the line at trying to change yourself to look like them. God made you in his image, which is absolutely amazing just the way you are. That to me is enough reason for me to know I’m already great.

Still not convinced that being you is good enough? Think about this… What's the price for loving who you are and being happy with it? What's the price for meeting yourself where you are and learning to love the person you are today? What’s the price of saying to yourself everyday “I Love Me” until you believe it? There is not a dollar amount. But you do gain a lot. You gain confidence, piece of mind and the love from yourself that you have desired your whole life. Loving yourself is priceless.

I can go on and on pleading with you to love yourself, but I won’t. I am going to shut up after I make this last point. Please know a nip here and tuck there will not make you perfect or happy. You are going to keep finding things you want to change about yourself. Next thing you know you have chiseled away at yourself so much you don’t even recognize yourself in the mirror. Stop chasing perfection, again, it doesn't exist. Instead learn to love yourself as you are right now. If you do that changed will happen and it will be best change you could ever make. Be Pretty Plus Uniquely You!

Until next time… Wishing You All Things Fabulous!


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