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Pretty Plus Sociable

Name: Lesle Allen Current Residence: Dallas, Texas What does style mean to you: Style is who you are not what you wear but how you wear it.. Everyone is an unique individual and style is what and how you feel and what you make it. Where do you find your Confidence: I've always been a person that likes to look nice and well put together. I believe that regardless of what size you are, being a WOMAN you should always take pride in what you look like and not for someone else but yourself... Sometimes what you look like on the outside can make you feel good even when you're not feeling good on the inside... Why did you choose this outfit: It's Sexy, Sassy and Stylish... I like variety, fashion, color, looking nice and of course the compliments and I don’t have to go broke doing it… haha… Why did you choose "Sociable" as your word: I chose this one because I'm a lover of people... I love being in the company of people because I love either talking, entertaining, encouraging, helping, listening, lifting up and or just making you smile or laugh... You never know what a person is going thru and just that word of encouragement or making someone laugh can just make a person's day and that in turn makes mine... What is your favorite quote and why: "God will never give you something that’s meant for someone else. So your jealousies, envy and insecurities shouldn't be because it's not yours" (Tyrese). I say this because what God has for you is for you and you never know what a person went thru to get what they have.. Don't complain about what youdon't have, instead be thankful for what you do have...

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