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If you are like me, you are always busy. You are running from one place to another, running from one job to the next one. I found myself on the go so much that I was eating nothing but fast foods. I literally was tired of McDonalds, Burger King, and Starbuck’s breakfast, tired of fast food period. Lets not even talk about the amount of money I was spending and the fact it’s not healthy for me. I need to make a change, so I decided to get some organization in my life. One way I decided to take some control back in my life was to stop eating fast food and start planning my meals. I was yearning for a good home cook meal. It not that I can’t cook, or don’t like to cook, it’s about not having time. So I decided to start looking into meal planning but I really didn’t know how to start. I thought meal planning would take too much time and time is what I didn’t have on my side. However, in order to change your life, you have to make time. It’s an old saying “people make time for what they want.” I had to make time to meal plan. I signed up for an all women boot camp that included a 30 day meal plan. I start the process by going grocery shopping Saturday. On Sunday, I make sure I have all ingredients for the week. I substitute one meal with a shake (mostly breakfast). I wake up early to make my shake or cook breakfast (if I am not drinking a shake). Personally I cannot eat the same thing every day, so my meals are different every day. Yes, it is more work, but one thing about meal planning you have to do what works for you. It’s great to be healthy, but make sure you are not purchasing items because it is healthy verses what you will actually eat (learn from me…I wasted money in the beginning). I cook lunch from the night before and prep dinner, so in essence I cook two meals at night. Here is how a week of meal prepping looks for me:

Sunday- I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. I cook Monday’s lunch and prep for Monday’s dinner.

Monday- wake up early cook breakfast, bring lunch, and cook Monday’s dinner. I cook Tuesday’s lunch and prep for Tuesday’s dinner.

Tuesday- wake up early cook breakfast, bring lunch, and cook Tuesday’s dinner. I cook Wednesday’s lunch and prep Wednesday’s dinner.

Wednesday- wake up early cook breakfast, bring lunch, and cook Wednesday’s dinner. I cook Thursday’s lunch and prep Thursday’s dinner.

Thursday- wake up early cook breakfast, bring lunch, and cook Thursday’s dinner. I cook Friday’s lunch and prep Friday’s dinner.

Friday- wake up early cook breakfast, bring lunch, and cook Friday’s dinner.

*I bring two snacks Monday- Friday, but I make sure my snacks are quick to prepare (fruits, cheese and crackers, hummus, etc.).

*The weekend brings more flexibility

Saturday- wake up early cook breakfast, cook lunch, and dinner (one cheat meal)

Some may decide to prep for the entire week or eat the same thing the entire week that is fine. You have to do what works best for you in order for meal plan to work. Do not get discourage if you miss a day or mess up along the way. Meal planning is a journey, so do not give up simply try again tomorrow.

Meal planning may start off as a chore, but it quickly becomes something you start looking forward to during the day. It becomes fun! You start trying new recipes. Before you realize it you are your own chef!

I started meal planning to take back a little part of my life, so I hope you start meal planning to get a little part of your life back.


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