Pretty Plus Girlfriend Of The Week

Pretty Plus Individual

Name: Shana-Lee Dixon

Currently Resides: Fort Worth, TX

What does style mean to you: Style means wearing what you are comfortable in. It may not always be trendy, but what simply makes you feel pretty. It makes you smile.

Where do you find your confidence: I find my confidence in being me. I have always been a person that marches to her own beat, so I always do things that makes me feel comfortable which in turns brings me confidence.

Why did you choose these outfits: I love how all three fit on my body. I am very proud of my body. Red is my favorite color. I think it's dynamic color. I also love soft colors and really like the peach and black. I dress it up with some black accessories. I do not wear shorts very often, but I like my legs (even if they are short, lol) and this outfit shows off my legs. It's a cute outfit to wear on an outing.

Why did you choose Individual as the word that describes you: I choose the word individual because I am an individual. I pride myself on always marching to my own beat. I am happy with who I am and only allow those who accept me for being myself into my space. I am happy with being a plus size woman because my confidence does not come from my size. It comes from me being who I am, loving, funny, and simply a good person.

What is your favorite quote: "Short term sacrifices, long term success"~ author unknown~. I live my life by this quote. You will have to make sacrifices (short term) to be successful, so work hard now, so that one day you can look back and realize your hard work paid off.

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