Pretty Plus Girlfriend Of The Week

Pretty Plus Authentic

Name: Tammie Henry

Currently Resides: Dallas, TX

What does style mean to you: Style to me is a form of expression. I think your style reflects who you are and tells your story. Style can tell how you feel that day. It can tell when you're happy or sad. Whether or not you’re a person that likes to have fun and stand out in a crowd or if you are that person that doesn't want to be the center of attention. Why some people think style is all about the clothing… It’s Not… It's so much more... It's the cover to your story.

Where do you find you confidence: I’m a firm believer that you have meet yourself where you are. Meaning no matter what situation you are in you have to see the good and hold your head high. This is the body that I have been Blessed with and if I am not confident and love it, no on will. I can’t expect anyone else to look at me see a confident woman if I don’t. I can’t expect anyone to love me if I don’t.

Why did you choose this outfit: This outfit makes me smile. It’s flattering and I love the complements I get when I where it. It's fun and makes me feel feminine. I think it show my personality.

Why did you choose Authentic as your word: With me what you see is what you get. I am the same person everyday, all day. No matter where I am or what is going on or who I'm with. I don't believe in pretending. When you pretend you are doing your self a disservice, because you are not being true to who you really are. When you are not being true to you I think you are holding yourself back and you are not allowing people to see the real person. I could go on and on about being fake, but I won't.

Favorite quote: "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance" -Oscar Wilde-

I love this quote because it's important to love yourself. You should love you before anyone else. Except for God.

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