Pretty Plus Confident!

Today was a very satisfying day. I helped two young women find their confidence by revamping their wardrobe. It was so rewarding to see their smiling faces after we left our shopping trip.

Let me tell you how this little shopping trip came about. My co-worker always jokes about how she hates my sense of style. Then she will follow-up saying “But I love it”, she said she likes how I keep myself pulled together. Thanks Girl! I try...

I’ve been told a number of time that I have a great sense of style and I never know what to say. It’s like I’m at a loss for words. For me it’s all about finding what works for my body and what makes me feel good. Isn’t that what everyone does? Apparently not. A lot of us dress to conceal what we consider our imperfections. The things we don’t like about ourselves. Our arms are too big. You can see our muffin top and back fat. I need to cover my cottage cheese thighs (a*k*a hell damage).

While trying to hide the things we don’t like about ourselves, we are covering some of our best assets. These two ladies have awesome figures that were hiding under drab clothes that made them look boxy and shapeless. It made me sad. What women have to realize is: You Make The Clothes Look Good... It’s not the other way around. Without your curves and lady lumps it just some fabric sown together. You are what make the clothes come alive.

Sorry I went left a little bit... Back to my awesome day...

I loved the fact when we got together the ladies were open to try things they have never thought about wearing. As they continued to try on clothes you could see them slowly stepping outside of their comfort zone. It was truly amazing to watch the smiles and them embracing new things (new figure flattering things). They actually walked away with some great pieces that can be mixed and matched. They also walked away with a different mindset then when they came.. I was actually told “Thank you for helping me find my confidence.” That made my day.

Ladies stop hiding behind baggy clothes. Stop pointing out all your imperfections. I guarantee you, you are the only one who notice those things. No one else cares. You are covering up and hiding your best asset. By that that I mean you are hiding you. Find confidence step outside of your little box and let the world see who you truly are. Pretty Plus Confident!

Until Next Time... I wish you all things Fabulous!!!

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